Flexible to meet all your needs.
Finally, an easy to use online system.
Never worry about a computer crash again.
We back up your data.
Access from any computer on the Internet.
Easily show proof of any training.
Automatic reminders when certificates are due.
Never apply another update.
Welcome to Firehall.net
Firehall.net has been providing online software for Firefighters since 2001. Our development team has over 67 years experience with firefighting in both paid and volunteer halls.

We have worked hard to bring you a system that not only meets the needs of today's fire halls, but will also be the easiest, most intuitive and customizable software solution for you.
Let our software:
  • Save you time
  • Simplify your life
  • Organize your hall
  • Minimize your liabilities
  • Save you money

I am a paid-on-call Fire Chief with no data entry staff and fire administration often gets done off the side of my desk. I needed a reliable database that was user-friendly yet comprehensive enough to capture the data I needed—and I found that in Firehall.net. For training, incident, personnel and equipment records Firehall.net has given me the peace of mind knowing my information is there when I need it—wherever I need it—and that I have the power to access or spill reports without incurring extra costs or service charges. The fact is, it's all under my control. Value for dollar, Firehall.net gives me security and comfort with my data storage without the extra cost, without extra hassle. Moreover, it gives me the credibility to speak to what our department has done and that informs what we are going do in the future.

— Shane Code, Fire Chief
Coldstream Fire Hall

Software Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive
  • Access anywhere
  • Automated backups
Software Features:

  • Track personnel
  • Records (training, certifications…)
  • Email reminders of expiring records
  • Store lesson plans
  • Track equipment (repairs, maintenance)
  • Track Incidents
  • Track training sessions
  • Payroll for paid on call fire departments