Q.: Who is Valon?
A.: Valon Technologies Inc. is the parent company for Firehall.net
Q.: What does it cost?
A.: $50 per month plus a one time $200 set-up fee.
Q.: How do I pay?
A.: There are many ways to pay; monthly auto bank debit, monthly credit card debit or by check (one year in advance).
Q.: What if I don't like the service?
A.: You can cancel at anytime for a full refund of any unused time.
Q.: Do you have any turorials?
A.: Yes, tutorials and help files are located directly on the application (accessible after login)
Q.: Can I sign up more than one hall?
A.: Yes, the software can handle any number of halls.
Q.: Who can access my Department's information? Is it secure?
A.: Access is restricted by username and password. Firehall.net is protected with 128 bit encryption, the same level as banking software.
Q.: What happens if my computer crashes?
A.: All data is stored on our secure servers and is automatically backed up. The software and data is accessible from any internet ready computer.